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New NAEP shows charter schools in Cleveland also outperforming

I wrote yesterday that despite a lot of hand-wringing about the new, generally disappointing results in the National Assessment of Educational Progress’ (NAEP) reading and math results for 2019, there is a real bright spot regarding Atlanta’s charter schools. And, there is another bright spot for charter schools, as well, and it comes from a state that isn’t noted for having a strong charter school system. That other bright spot is Cleveland, Ohio. Figure 1, assembled using the NAEP Data Explorer, summarizes the 2019 NAEP Data for Cleveland’s black students in charter schools versus the black students in that city’s traditional public schools.

Figure 1

The score differences here are not as dramatic as those in Atlanta, but all the differences are still statistically significantly different and large enough to cause attention. The fact that this is happening in a city in a state that supposedly has had charter related problems makes these NAEP results even more interesting.

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