What education is needed to get a job?

Strive Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky just blogged on jobs research from the University of Cincinnati. The blog covers the region that includes Northern Kentucky. The research looked at the level of education required to get various kinds of jobs versus the percentage of the population that has the required education. Here is how that Strive analysis looks:

Source: Strive Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky

Note that nearly half the jobs in the region require at least a bachelor’s degree but less than one in five people have that level of education.

The region, which includes some of Kentucky’s most upscale communities, is also behind the education requirement even for less demanding jobs that only need some level of postsecondary training such as an associate’s degree.

Experience alone isn’t good enough to land a job, either. The region has more than enough workers for the kinds of jobs that require experience or some sort of long-term training.

For the rest of the population which is only qualified for jobs that take little training, it’s a buyer’s market. Available workers in this lowest education category outnumber the jobs by a factor of almost two to one.