We need limits on political emissions

Matthew Dowd just said on Good Morning America that on January 20, 2009 Barack Obama is going to “own” the economy. Dowd was a senior strategist on the Bush campaign in 2004.


Gov. Steve Beshear exhibited the same kind of conceit Friday when talking about the auto bailout:

“We cannot let the automotive industry fail,” Beshear said. “It would be devastating to Kentucky’s economy – and to Louisville’s vitality.”

Before he speaks about this again, Governor Beshear should seek to understand that “we” didn’t cause the auto industry’s problems so that he can explain why he thinks “we” are now responsible for propping them up at the comfort level to which the industry has grown accustomed.

And it would be great if Beshear could explain how General Motors and Chrysler declaring bankruptcy is going to devastate Louisville’s “vitality.” Does he really mean Louisville is going to die or was that just another political emission?