Video: A quick introduction to Kentucky’s pension mess

If you are looking for a quick introduction to Kentucky’s public pension mess, look no further than this video created by cn|2’s Pure Politics. In just a few short minutes, Ryan Alessi lays out an accurate picture of what exactly is going on.

I specifically appreciate his mentioning of the fact that the real victims of the underfunded and opaque public pension are the taxpayers and state workers who are suffering at the hands of the state legislature.


If you would like a more in depth discussion on the topic, you can download our recent Future Shock report.


  1. Why can’t the taxpayers have access to all public pensions and the return of public employees’ investments since we are paying for it? Government has become too big, too intrusive and too demanding. Now, we need to know the inside of our government….all of it. Transparentcy is the answer…..
    We need to know all legislator’s retiremetns and how it was arrived at….

    No elected official should have a retirement given to them…a 401K is all they should have, just like the private sector. Don’t paint some rosy picture of a CEO, or high ranking company official. Get down to the facts and let’s talk about MR ORDINARY, just like you and me, MR AVERAGE.

    • Logan Morford says:

      Completely agreed, Ronald. Taxpayers should have full access to information about how their hard-earned money is being spent.