‘Unforgettable’ fouls out on unemployment

Former Kentucky Agriculture Commissioner (and University of Kentucky baller) Richie Farmer filed for unemployment when his term ended. The Courier-Journal reports:

As agriculture commissioner, a position he held eight years, Farmer earned $110,346 when his term ended. But Kentucky unemployment compensation law lists “a public elected official” among the types of employment not eligible for benefits.

And state officials said they could not remember a previous instance when an elected state official had applied for unemployment benefits.

Farmer did not return numerous phone messages seeking comment on this story.

While it’s a juicy story of an elected official with an inexcusably poor understanding of the most basic purpose of a government-run insurance program, it’s also an indictment of Farmer’s lack of planning for his own future employment. Note to future candidates for state office: Please try to think past the next election. Thanks.