Transparency coming for special taxing districts - Government TransparencyFresh of an investigation of former Agriculture Commissioner Richie Farmer’s office, State Auditor Adam Edelen has made public his plan to look into “special taxing districts” such as libraries and sewer services that use taxpayer dollars yet may escape accountability.

Edelen readily admits that Kentucky doesn’t even know how many of these districts exist.

In a recent interview with cn|2 Pure Politics, Edelen said:

I’m a big fan of the work they do. But at the end of the day, if you’ve got the ability to reach into the taxpayers’ wallets, you’ve got to be accountable to them.

This is exactly the type of conversation that should be going on. We don’t know if there has been an wrongdoing in the work of these taxing districts but there is no harm in providing a little bit of sunshine to try and prevent as much waste as possible.