Schools suspending students if: Parents don’t come to a Common Core meeting, For telling other students they can opt out of state testing

The Daily Caller reports that teachers in a Detroit public school have threatened students with suspension if parents don’t come to a meeting about Common Core testing. The meeting time is apparently set for the convenience of teachers without any consideration of parent ability to leave work.

Imagine that – schools dictating to parents by threatening their children.

In a similar vein, Fox News reports that an eighth grade student in New Mexico was suspended after she downloaded her school’s official testing opt out form and gave copies to fellow students. Opting out is perfectly legal in New Mexico, and the school even has the required form available on line. The student did nothing more than inform other students of their rights under New Mexico law.

This makes me wonder if anything similar is happening in Kentucky. A few very scared parents and teachers have told me – strictly off the record – about Common Core issues here. But, so far, there has been nothing public about any issues with the new standards and the related testing in Kentucky.


  1. check out Facebook: Kentuckians Against Common Core

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