Common Core State Standards have been in force in Kentucky since 2010, but there has been a real paucity of information about the problems with the creation and content of these public school curriculum drivers.

Finally, the Kentucky Senate’s Education Committee invited three national experts on Common Core to testify this past week on March 13, 2014. The comments fill in a picture that the media and pro-Core fans have wanted to keep blurred.

The first video contains Dr. Sandra Stotsky’s comments on the problems with the process that created Common Core and with deficiencies in the English Language Arts part of Common Core.

Now, this video adds comments from Dr. James Milgram, who discusses how much of what is found in the courses pushed as a result of Common Core is mostly a rehash of past failed education experiments from 20 years ago. Milgram also discusses specific deficiencies in the Common Core math standards, his specialty area as a professor of mathematics at Stanford University.

Listen closely; over the past three years it has become painfully apparent that you are not going to hear this “other side of the story” from most media sources in the Bluegrass State. But, these problems are real, and the impact your kids.