Prichard Committee slams Jefferson County Schools performance for kids in poverty

We agree

I doubt you’ll ever see a link from the Prichard Committee’s blog to our site, but when they get something really right, we are happy to acknowledge that.

In this blog Prichard takes a good shot at the Jefferson County School District’s lousy performance in the newly released state testing data for its many kids in poverty.

Someone in Jefferson County really needs to wake up.

Note: I have not double-checked the exact numbers in the Prichard post, but they usually get this sort of data correct.


  1. Is Prichard getting bolder?

    Doesn't comparing the performance of Jefferson County Public Schools to other Ky. school districts concerning low-income students shows make it clear that more money does not automatically result in a better education — especially for our neediest students?

    But what do you expect from a school district where the superintendent claims — as Sheldon Berman did recently in Frankfort — that the district can't be held accountable for results until poverty is eliminated, which, of course, will never happen?

    Considering the proportion of dollars being spent in Jefferson County, plus the fact that it's our largest school district, this is shameful.