Prevailing wage = needless increase in cost: The bridge edition

Kentucky and Indiana are about to jointly embark on a $2.6 billion transportation infrastructure project to improve travel over the Ohio River to connect the two states. The project will result in two new bridges and improved interstate exchanges.

These are badly needed improvements and it is great that these problems are being addressed. It does bear pointing out though that $2.6 billion is a lot of money and as it is taxpayer money it should be spent carefully and transparently. Unfortunately, Kentucky’s prevailing wage laws will needlessly increase the cost to the taxpayer and further the state’s wasteful spending practices.



  1. Rich Gimmel says:

    Here’s a thought — get Indiana to build the bridge. Wanna bet it would get done better, cheaper, and with far less corruption than if Kentucky did it?

    • Logan Morford says:

      Rich, sadly, you are probably correct. Kentucky is watching from the sidelines while Indiana makes major steps like becoming a right-to-work state. We need some fearless leadership that will make big changes!

    • Logan Morford says:

      Perhaps there should have been a bid process between the states to see who gets to manage the process….

  2. Don’t forget the big hammer in this game also – the federal government. Is there any doubt that use of federal funds will bring tremendous pressure to pay inflated union rates and to use inefficient classification practices?

    • Logan Morford says:

      Agreed. Federal funds aren’t “free”. They come with strings attached.