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Since knowledge is the lifeblood of freedom, every Kentucky child must have a quality education. High college remediation rates and low test results provide dramatic evidence that our current public education system is not adequately preparing students for future success as employees, leaders and citizens. The current system needs to be removed and replaced in order to improve the unacceptable education being received by Kentucky students. Legislative meddling and the School-Based Decision-Making Councils must be replaced with policies that empower professional educators and managers, giving them ownership and holding accountable for learning results and the system that produces those outcomes.

Parents should be given the right to place their children in a school of their choice. We need education reform. The institute supports proven school-choice policies that have been successfully implemented in other states, including charter schools, tax credits and vouchers. The institute also supports allowing current inter-district transfer agreements and home schooling policies to continue and grow.


  1. Dale Just says:

    You know today a news report in Louisville about the Parks Director drinking and driving a city vehicle is making headlines and it occurred to me that the public would be astonished to learn how many educators have been charged with DUI. From a cursory standpoint it may seem that has no bearing on their profession however lack of judgement in personal endeavors it certainly makes one question their judgement in professional endeavors as well. I have known several educators personally who have drinking problems and most of them were in education for the same reasons, tenure, job security sick days etc. Nothing to do with a love of children or the seriousness of the task of shaping young minds. I knew one guy that called in literally every Monday, he had 3 DUI’s, lost his license and rode public transportation the High School where he taught. Apparently after an initial background check, educators can get away pretty much with anything provided they aren’t doing it with a student half naked in the car, at least that is my observation. Truck drivers have their driving records check annually educators should have their criminal records checked annually as well..Just my two cents and something that would go a long way into the quality of educators we intrust our children to!

    • Michael Maxwell says:

      I would guess it is a much smaller percentage than the number of parents who they have to deal with on a regular basis or even the number of executives that work for large corporations that we have money invested in and get government subsidies.

  2. Anonymous says:

    That’s an interesting comment because it verifies my experience. I once dated a school teacher who would have these crazy parties and all the school teachers and some administration level educators would attend. What really concerned me is that they would spend much of the time at these parties drinking and making fun of the students in their classrooms. It really seemed like they were acting the age of their students.

  3. chet needy says:

    If you think the teachers often party with each other, just walk through a JCPS starting with the office staff,
    and take notice of the party that is going on in our high schools. They (teachers) have discovered its
    much easier to get along with their students by going with the flow than to actually take control of the zoo.

    Unfortunately, the grades produced by our students directly reflect their educational shortcomings. Have
    you ever watched one of our high school graduates make change for you at heir place of business?
    Its very painful to watch them stumble and fumble through the process. They can’t count. Its shameful,
    and embarrassing.

  4. Hi, I’m trying to shed some light on progressive activity/take over of schools in different states. Can someone please tell me what your education system has been like in the last decade? I know that there was a complete overhaul of the ed system in Kentucky in 1990 and progressives were brought in to help rewrite your ed system.

    Since that time, has there been much resistance to that or any turns back toward conservatism? Your high schools that were just ranked nationally, do you find they are progressive or conservative?

    Thanks for any info you can provide!

  5. Concerned parents- please research about common core standards. Join us on face book at Kentuckians against Common Core Standards or on line at http://www.kentuckiansagainstcommoncorestandards.com Your parental rights and child’s privacy is a stake.

    • Andrew James says:

      You’re ridiculous. The Common Core doesn’t raise any privacy concerns, and frankly, your parental rights aren’t at stake either. Standards have been around for ages. This must be the first time you’ve noticed.

      • Andrew,

        Did you post this to the wrong blog? Perhaps even the wrong web site? The main blog doesn’t even talk about Common Core. It is also almost two years old.

        We have talked about Common Core in other blogs, but we never said that Common Core itself was the privacy concern. It is the additional baggage that has been attached to the Common Core process by the federal government that is raising such concerns.

        Also, parent rights are an issue as some of the data the US government wants to have shared around would be transmitted without parent knowledge or approval. But, this isn’t in Common Core itself, and we have never said that.

        Next time, it would be good to post your comment to a pertinent blog.