Meth bill: Don’t lawmakers have more important things to do?

Clear-thinking legislators should reject Shepherdsville Rep. Linda Belcher’s bill requiring a prescription for cold/allergy medicines containing pseudoephedrine — an ingredient used to make methamphetamine, a dangerous, highly addictive drug.

Not only is it unnecessary government intrusion, it would drive up health care costs, take away yet more of our individual liberties and would actually make it more difficult to track the purchases of these products for illegal meth.

MethCheck, the current tracking system in place gives law enforcement officials real-time information about who is making these illegal purchases — allowing them more success in finding meth labs — and currently prevents 10,000 grams of purchases of these products for illegal purposes per month in Kentucky.

Click here for the latest radio ad exposing the fallacy of this proposed legislation.


  1. Evidently lawmakers can't find more important things to do. Lawmakers seem terrified to address such important matters as jobs.

    With the US Constitution's Art I, Sec 8, Cl 8, which provides that Congress shall promote the progress of science and useful arts, the General Assembly could vote to promote the growing, researching, testing, manufacturing and marketing all things hemp.

    Over 50,000 products can be made from hemp including charcoal to compete with coal, bicycles and cancer cures — all with solid constitutional authority. Hundreds of thousands of jobs would be created in Kentucky.

    Recreational hemp would be an excellent antidote for Meth. It would also be a good source of revenue for Kentucky.

    But alas! Lawmakers seem more intent on imposing onerous financial burdens on Kentuckians.