Medicaid mess: The pot calling the kettle black

It’s ludicrous for House Boss Rocky Adkins to accuse senators of standing in the way of resolving the Medicaid budget crisis in Frankfort. It is, in fact, the House leadership and their go-along pal in the governor’s office, who are holding up progress.

By saying from the outset that they refused to accept any cuts in spending to make up for the $167 million Medicaid budget gap, who exactly was it saying “it’s my way or the highway?”

Adkins lashed out at Senate leaders, saying their demands for responsible budgeting “makes a mockery of the system.”

Since when are Senate leaders, by demanding that a governor who failed to produce the savings he promised already now decide on cuts, making a mockery of the system?

Since when does $38.5 million cuts for education make “a mockery of the system” when local school districts have had a windfall of stimulus funding and now have more than $700 million in local contingency funds.

Since when does a request for a 2.26 percent worth of across-the-board cuts make “a mockery of the system” when most Kentucky families have had to tighten their belts a lot more?

Before they even saw the Senate’s responsible proposal, Adkins and the rest of the good-ole-boys known as House leaders rejected it outright.

Now, who exactly is it that we should give Adkins’ advice to: “When you don’t get your way, you don’t pick up your ball and go home?”