Knee deep in media bias

Commonwealth Accountability Testing System scores are out and, if you get all your news from the Lexington Herald Leader and the Louisville Courier Journal you would never know that we are inflating our way to success with our school test scores.

In fact, you wouldn’t even know anything about the CATS’ wastefulness, fraud, or the effort to get rid of the whole mess and go legit if you depended on the big newspapers.

In fact, the big media refuses to even show up for the discussion about eliminating or at least improving CATS to better serve students.

Cheerleading the status quo in government is one solid reason for the growing credibility gap in Kentucky’s mainstream media:
Virtually all Lexington schools improve state achievement scores

Most Kentucky schools on track toward goals

Kentucky’s abysmal college remediation rate continues to be a more reliable indicator of our return-on-investment in K-12. Weak-kneed coverage like this does nothing but perpetuate the same “send us more money and we will do better” mentality in Frankfort.