Kentucky Energy Equation – Good news for Kentucky energy as EPA goes 0 for 3

The Environmental Protection Agency is now 0 for 3 when challenged in a court of law to defend its unilateral mandates forcing sweeping new regulations on the states. This is great news for Kentuckians as they battle for state sovereignty and the economic vitality of their most valuable natural resource.

First came Florida’s suit against the EPA. Last month, a federal judge ruled that the EPA acted without sound scientific evidence when it imposed unprecedented environmental standards on Florida’s streams and rivers. States-1, EPA-0.

Second came the “David versus Goliath” suit where an Idaho couple went all the way to the Supreme Court just for the right to contest the EPA’s threats of fines up to $750,000 per month for developing property on alleged wetlands. Just last week, the Supreme Court ruled that the couple has the right to defend their property from the EPA in a court of law. States-2, EPA-0.

And third, just days ago, a US District Court Judge ruled that the EPA overstepped its bounds when it attempted to retroactively veto a permit approved by the US Army Corps of Engineers for Spruce Number One Mine in Logan County, West Virginia. States-3, EPA-0.

That the EPA has such a dismal record when its tyrannical mandates are actually challenged on an even playing field is telling for Kentuckians, and should spark hope that new Appalachian energy sources won’t remain under the thumb of mid-Atlantic bureaucrats, as long as Kentuckians keep at the battle for local government and state sovereignty.