ICARE, but we shouldn’t

Two important healthcare initiatives came up in the 2008 Kentucky General Assembly and, surprisingly, one of them ended in victory when the Senate refused to extend the ICARE entitlement. The loss came when the House failed to move toward doing away with CON.

Here is the flashback to March of this year. This next Tuesday, the Joint Committee on Banking and Insurance will discuss the dying ICARE program Gov. Steve Beshear promised to expand during his election campaign.

Reviving this entitlement when we can’t afford the entitlements we can’t get rid of may not be the best idea.


  1. ICARE was wrong-headed when it was passed. The small-business lobby got behind this silly subsidy trying to help their members but they forgot to ask their constituents. No small business owners worth their salt want a subsidy from Frankfort. They want it to stay OUT of their business and let them alone! And they know that once you take a government hand-out, that same hand will be in your pocket.