How Kentucky’s dominant racial group compares against their counterparts on the 2015 ACT

Now that I have explained why you have to break the ACT data out by race before you start ranking against other states, let’s look at how Kentucky’s white high school graduates of 2015 (includes all school types: public, private and home school combined) stack up against whites in other states that tested all their 2015 grads with the ACT. This graph shows the story.

KY Whites Vs Other 100 Percent States' ACT Composite in 2015

Tied for bottom of the heap! That isn’t what we want!

Note that a number of Southern states including Louisiana, Tennessee, Mississippi (Yikes!) and North Carolina all bested us.

So, while Kentucky made a little progress, other states still scored better for the racial group that makes up the vast majority of all Kentucky 2015 high school graduates (73 percent according to the ACT).

The scores and remarks above are based on data from Table 5 in each state’s ACT Profile Summary Report for the Graduating Class of 2015. Get those here.


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