Good news on college preparation in Kentucky

There is some good news on college preparation in Kentucky. Several school districts and schools report some of their students achieved the maximum ACT college entrance test score of 36 in this school term.

So far, news articles report the top ACT score has been awarded in:

Bell County (Student Ben Barnett), Beechwood High School (Student Caitlin Sullivan), and Paducah Tilghman High School (4 unnamed students).

Congratulations to these students and to all the educators who helped them achieve this impressive academic performance.

We won’t get the full package of ACT results for the Class of 2012 until August. However, I checked last year’s ACT Profile Summary Report for Kentucky, and a total of 12 graduates from the Class of 2011 from all our schools, public and private combined, got a 36 score. Based on the handful of news reports cited above for this year’s class, we are already half way to exceeding that achievement.