Do High School Teachers Know What Kids Need to Succeed in College?

Despite recent announcements that three more people have been added to the CATS Task Force, this committee remains heavily composed of K to 12 education people. There still isn’t a single college classroom instructor on this committee. In fact, there is scant representation even from college level administrators whose inadequate numbers are equaled by the number of representatives from various chambers of commerce.

That can create real problems for the task force. With so many people on this committee so unaware of the problems our colleges and the business world see with recent high school graduates, the vast majority of the group will be on a steep learning curve just to gather enough information to even begin intelligent deliberations about what to do. Meanwhile, time available to put a worthwhile report together before the next legislative session is running out. One month is already wasted, as the first task force meeting now is delayed until August.

To learn more about this situation – including results of a survey that shows the disconnects in understanding between high school teachers and college instructors that the task force must address – check out this new You Tube video.