Chiropractors want lawmakers to manipulate reimbursement rates

20111202beacon.pngSpecial interest groups are camped out in Frankfort these days seeking preferential treatment from those charged to act in the best interest of all Kentuckians – not just a few.

Nowhere is this more a problem than in health-care related services where federal mandates and unsound policies have distorted the insurance marketplace to the point that any semblance of free-market activity is hardly recognizable.

It seems that interjecting free market principles that expand choices, improve quality and diminish costs would be the policy equivalent of unscrambling Humpty Dumpty’s egg.

For more than five years, Kentucky chiropractors have lobbied lawmakers to mandate higher reimbursement fees. This year, they put on a full-court press for House Bill 202 that requires insurers to reimburse chiropractors at rates no lower than those found in theWorkers’ Compensation Fee Schedule.