Kudos to Cucinello!

WHAS 840’s Francene Cucinello deserves a big Bluegrass Institute thank you for seeing through the CATS spin this morning. She specifically recognized Senate President David Williams for standing up to the teachers union on school assessments, calling CATS “detrimental to our children’s future.” You got it, Francene!

Knee deep in media bias

Commonwealth Accountability Testing System scores are out and, if you get all your news from the Lexington Herald Leader and the Louisville Courier Journal you would never know that we are inflating our way to success with our school test scores. In fact, you wouldn’t even know anything about the CATS’ wastefulness, fraud, or the…

Don’t just criticize spending

The Lexington Herald Leader did a nice job reporting on borrow-and-spend excesses surrounding Kentucky’s courthouses. Now it would be great to see the editorial board pile on by pushing for Gov. Beshear’s E-Transparency task force to get moving toward providing real-time information about government spending and contracts. Come on, guys. You can do it.