BIPPS defends liberty on Kentucky Tonight

(LEXINGTON, Ky.) – Should government force restaurant and bar owners to ban smoking in their privately owned establishments? Should Frankfort’s politicians be allowed to trample on local communities’ smoking policies? Should constitutional principles be surrendered to satisfy the insatiable appetite of health nannies for more government control of our lives?

These questions will be debated tonight on KET’s “Kentucky Tonight,” hosted by Bill Goodman, at 8 p.m. (EDT).

Bluegrass Institute columnist Jim Waters will make the case for allowing restaurant owners, employees and customers to make their own decisions concerning smoking bans, free of government interference.

“While we are concerned about the unhealthy effects of smoking, we believe it’s critical to counter the assault on private-property rights by some in government and academia occurring under the guise of improving Kentuckians’ health,” Waters said. “Decisions about smoking and whether to allow the practice on one’s private property – whether that be a restaurant, bar or home – are best left to individuals, not Frankfort.”