Barren Academy continues providing a superior opportunity for digital learning

Students tell Glasgow Daily Times digital learning fit their career plans better

The 2011 valedictorian and salutatorian at the Barren Academy of Virtual and Expanded Learning (BAVEL), Kentucky’s totally on line digital learning high school, recently told the stories of their high school success to the Glasgow Daily Times.

BAVEL salutatorian Branson Redford, 18, might have become a high school dropout after he fell in love with the world of work in a summer job in Michigan between his freshman and sophomore years. Returning home, Redford told his parents he would not go back to a classroom environment for seven hours a day.

But, Redford’s potentially bad decision changed thanks to BAVEL. Now, a very work-motivated Redford is also a high school graduate. The flexibility of BAVEL’s 24/7 class availability on line allowed Redford to continue in his beloved world of work and finish his high school education at the same time. In fact, the hard-charging Redford’s rigorous program even included many advanced placement courses.

Shaylin McGuire, BAVEL’s 2011 salutatorian, had somewhat different reasons for going the digital learning route for her high school education. She hopes she is on track for a professional singing career, an opportunity that opened up for her after the 11th grade. This is a demanding occupation, and Ms. McGuire must spend weeks at a time in Nashville recording studios. Without the flexible hours her BAVEL classes provided, Ms. McGuire would not have been able to pursue her dream while continuing her high school education.

Now, thanks to BAVEL, McGuire is well-positioned to go on to college if her musical aspirations don’t work out.

BAVEL isn’t for every student, but it definitely offers potential to recover students like McGuire and Redford who otherwise might let outside attractions lure them into making a bad decision about finishing their educations.

The Bluegrass Institute salutes Branson Redford and Shaylin McGuire for their accomplishments in Kentucky’s totally virtual digital learning high school and we wish them the very best as they continue on their career paths. We also salute the dedicated staff at BAVEL who are helping kids overcome obstacles to their completing a high school education.