All eyes on Judge Thomas Wingate

Property rights and free speech activists all over the country are waiting for a ruling from Franklin Circuit Judge Thomas Wingate on Gov. Steve Beshear’s odd attempt to seize internet domains. A ruling is expected at any time this afternoon. Stay tuned… UPDATE: Judge Wingate’s office said his ruling will go out Thursday morning.

Libertarian Party to sue Kentucky

The Libertarian Party of Kentucky is going to file suit in federal court against the Commonwealth of Kentucky over a Court of Appeals decision issued last week that removed 3rd district Congressional candidate Ed Martin from the ballot, the party’s chairman said. “Kentucky law doesn’t allow us to appeal a Court of Appeals decision,” said…

Cold comfort

Looks like Europe is still more socialistic than we are:The shame of it all is that we have done such a poor job of learning the right lessons from economic disasters in history. We should have learned from the Savings and Loan debacle that when government absorbs business risk for private players, the private players…

So why did we do this again?

A couple of very interesting quotes from Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell on Polwatchers Saturday night about political heat he is getting for supporting the bailout bill: ““It’s not fair to paint this as some kind of fatal vote when you’ve got such a huge bipartisan majority voting for it,” McConnell said in his first…

Boswell: I support union thuggery

Kentucky Second Congressional District candidate Sen. David Boswell was asked recently his position on Sen. Barack Obama’s plan to abolish secret ballot union elections and allow unions to intimidate their way back into domination of not only the political process, but business operations as well. Watch Boswell as he sides firmly with Obama:[youtube=]