Can you hear us now?

We hit the pavement and asked Kentuckians want they want to see different about their government.  This is what they had to say (part 1)… You Hear US Now? from freedomky.

Kevin Jackson, July 10, 2010

Kevin Jackson was the keynote speaker at FreedomFest in Frankfort, Kentucky on July 10, 2010.  Here he is speaking about the current political climate, race, and the need to return to the founding ideas and values of our nation. See more Bluegrass Institute videos here.

4 ways to spend money

Milton Friedman had a true gift for explaining basic economic ideas so that anyone could understand them. Here is Friedman discussing the four ways to spend money (and drawing a comparison to public education spending). [youtube=] The Bluegrass Institute is hosting a “What would Friedman do?” lecture at the University of Louisville. You won’t want…

Quote Of The Day

Question: Your essay offers parallels between Brooklyn busybodies and Taliban oppressors. How does the nanny state resemble totalitarian theocracy? Answer: Consider ice cream: Even a single scoop of vanilla was forbidden to women in pre-war Afghanistan, lest they become decadent and Western. In Brooklyn, moms try to force ice cream trucks out of parks, thus…

How solvent is your commonwealth?

You’ve heard about the financial meltdowns occurring in states like California, where things have gotten so bad that workers are being issued IOUs instead of paychecks. But according to US Debt, it’s not California or New York or Arizona that’s in the hottest fiscal water. It’s………Kentucky! That’s right. According to the real-time info on…