As you read each statement, decide if you agree.  We find that our members will typically agree with at least seven.  Our strongest supporters will strongly agree with over 10.  Where do you rank?

  1. You think that Kentucky’s government should be completely transparent and accountable to the citizens it represents.
  2. You think a child’s education is more important than the lobbying efforts of teacher’s unions.
  3. You are concerned about the federal government heaping unfunded mandates on Kentucky.
  4. You believe parents should have flexibility and options with regards to the education of their children.
  5.  You believe that the private sector creates jobs and NOT the government.
  6. You are wondering how you can make your voice heard.
  7. You are sick of paying for state pensions and benefits that are unsustainable when you struggle to provide for yourself & your family.
  8. You have to make tough decisions to live within your means and think state and local government should do the same.
  9. You expect elected officials to stop the spin, tell the truth, make tough decisions, and ignore political correctness.
  10. You want to know all the consequences of unchecked government mandates and bureaucratic rulings.
  11. You want the rule of law to apply to everyone equally.
  12. You want public servants, who are paid with your hard earned tax dollars, held accountable for their actions.